Our Values

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

– To be a world leader within lead acquisition for the most monetizing verticals on the Internet.

Our Mission

– With passion for our business create and maintain a technical world leading position within organic search.
– Through innovation and creativity create complementary strong traffic channels to organic search.
– Through dominant positions within each entered vertical, high volume and highest possible value per lead deliver high margins and revenue
– Maintain a vibrant, unique work environment that respects our shared diversity and inspires, develops and rewards the best people.


Core Values

Great is Good

We’re driven by a passion for our business and excellence is the destination; success means results and nothing less than a top-of-industry position; our financial goals are ambitious and we reach them through flawless execution; great happens daily – excellence is up to all of us.

You’re Important

We care for our employees and great work is recognized and rewarded; we’re committed to attracting, retaining and developing the best people; we respect our diversity and believe in a fun and inspiring work environment; we want to be a unique work place and together is the way we’ll succeed.

Two Steps Ahead

We dare to win; we’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and always push to be more innovative than our competitors; we know our markets, end-users and clients inside out and we’re better and faster; we always think two steps ahead.

Listen and Speak

We thrive on open and honest communication among offices and among each other; expectations are clear and fair and direct feedback is always given; we respect each other’s time and efforts and will only reach our full potential through great communication.

Always be Closing

We’re engaged and we take ownership in everything we do; If it’s to be, it’s up to me; we’re decisive in meetings, in projects, when making deals; we’re always closing; we do the right things and we’re loyal to our decisions; above all we find solutions rather than problems.